hacked by Spy_Unkn0wn

You call us, treat us, think about us; as a criminal... but youre mistaken, we arent robbers, murders, rapists or corrupts, we dont deal with drugs, we dont promote wars, we dont manipulate you like almost politicians do. But we are one thing; more claver than you, not at all, but on we are specialists. Accept it. You think that we are a kind of criminal... but i dont see like that, we do a favor to you, we notify that you website (and the server it is hosted) is vulnerable, we icentive you by hacking your website for you can improve it and perhaps if you got hacked again, at least you tried to be a bit more safer. Dont call us criminals, call us the best crackers you ever know; we are: get_unS4fety.project from Brasil.

specific greets to: Cl4r3nce